Creating a Gratitude Mindset

Posted by on November 21, 2022

Creating a Gratitude Mindset

A friend recently shared this with me:

“I just did a weekend of yoga teacher training and more than once the instructors said where attention goes, energy flows. It’s easy to focus on the negative—it’s familiar and it’s protective. But it also keeps us stuck in a negative cycle. We live in a negative space and place because that’s what we have nurtured. As we begin to make the shift to focusing on gratitude, it will be difficult and may feel like we are ‘faking it.’ It’s important to do it anyway and to keep going. Eventually, it will be easier and easier still.”

She said that when she comes home each day, she says out loud how much she loves her house, her dogs and her life – even if the house is a mess or the dogs got in the trash or things aren’t going perfectly. That’s helped her to shift into a mindset of gratitude, so she can stay grateful even when times may be tough.

Her advice to get started? In addition to verbal gratitude, create a list of five to ten specific things each day that you are grateful for. If you get stuck, open the door and look outside. What are you grateful for? What is something simple that brings you joy? What is something you are looking forward to? 

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Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I’m grateful for you!

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