Posted by on November 18, 2014


thank you prayer quoteAn old colleague and friend of mine recently emailed me regarding one of my blogs.  He said, “[I] Always enjoy reading your words of wisdom.  Hope as we head into the holiday season, you are surrounded with peace, love and joy.”

I wrote back to thank him and wish him the same.  In addition, I wrote, “Of course, it’s really my clients’ wisdom!  They teach me every day.”

So this blog is actually about two things.  The first is how the holidays are a special reminder for us to count our blessings.  To recognize and be grateful for the peace, love and joy in our lives – along with everything else (even the messy stuff) that makes our lives full and interesting.

Gratitude is a powerful emotion and one of my favorites.  Several of the proven activities to increase one’s happiness level are based on gratitude.  In addition, thinking about what you are grateful for helps you to get present and be in the moment.  And since whatever we bring our attention to grows, gratitude is a terrific focus.

The second thing this blog is about happens to be one of the things for which I am most grateful: how much I learn (and relearn) from my clients each day.  This amazing group of people who I am privileged to work with remind me to be kind to myself, to give myself credit for my accomplishments, to accept myself and those around me, to let go of things outside my control, to be my authentic self, and to live the life that lights me up.  Every day my clients teach, enlighten and inspire me.

With Thanksgiving upon us, I hope you’ll take a few minutes in your busy day to get present and grounded in gratitude.  What are you grateful for?  Who needs to know how much you appreciate them?

Happy Thanksgiving!