Meet Jen

Jen Frank is an independent Professional Certified Coach who works with individual clients and delivers workshops, training and facilitation for organizations. Since 2013, Jen has dedicated her coaching practice to helping people achieve their goals and live their best lives, while being kind to themselves.

Whether leading a group or coaching an individual client, the core of Jen’s work is about personal and professional development as well as empowering people to take charge of their lives and careers and to be leaders – whether they lead an organization, a team or just themselves. At the heart of great leadership is self- awareness, and when we understand ourselves, we can then better understand others. Equipping people with new awareness, tools and skills, Jen helps her clients to do their most purposeful work and live their best lives.

Jen’s coaching helps her clients to: gain clarity, set goals, and move past obstacles; to take responsibility for themselves, set clear priorities and make conscious choices; to increase their confidence and ensure they have an accurate self-image; and to learn and strengthen skills such as listening, delegating, and giving feedback. One client had this to say about coaching with Jen: She asks just the right questions at the right time helping bring vague ideas to light and into focus. She’s never judgmental and has an optimism and clarity that is infectious. Her holistic approach to her coaching weaves together professional aptitude, emotional drivers and spiritual chords to help you come to your own conclusions that ring with a deeper truth. To view more of Jen’s Recommendations from past clients, see

If you are ready to find your most purposeful work and live your best life, reach out to Jen now to get started!