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Signature Workshops/Speaking Engagements

Professional development and personal leadership are the core of Jen’s practice – and the core of these engaging, interactive workshops. If you need a speaker for your group on these topics or others, contact Jen today.

Authentic Networking
Are you comfortable networking in a variety of situations? Do you have a strong, active professional network? Networking is essential to the success of your career; it’s how most people get jobs in today’s market. If the process of building your network is uncomfortable – or you just need to strengthen your skills – this workshop will explain what’s important when networking and teach you how to network according to your own style. We’ll cover networking at events and in one-on-one situations, completing an exercise to create your personal introduction as well as covering information interviews in depth. You’ll leave knowing that networking gets easier with practice and with a practical understanding of what you need to do to build your network.

Self-Care and The Successful Life
When you think about success, does regular self-care even enter your thoughts? If not, it’s time to challenge your thinking with this interactive and enlightening workshop on self-care and success. We’ll cover why we need to take care of ourselves, what self-care means to you, and what might stand in your way. You’ll also create your unique design for a full, balanced life and define true sustainable success for yourself. Then you’ll choose the actions you want to take (or things to let go of) that care for you best, and we’ll discuss how to stay motivated. Be ready to discover how self-care is essential to success – and that success probably isn’t quite what you thought!

Jen loves to connect with groups, helping empower audiences to take charge of their lives and careers – all while being kind to themselves.  Care is central to Jen’s work: care for the people she speaks to, the message she conveys, and how it all comes together to positively impact our community.  

People call Jen’s workshops “awesome,” “engaging,” “informative” and ”valuable.”  They have also said: “She was fantastic and she is really passionate about her work. [The presentation] was extremely helpful…,” “[Jen’s] very passionate and knowledgeable.,” and “I love Jen’s presence; it’s calm and positive. Great presentation!!!“  

If you are interested in Jen speaking to your group, contact her today at jen@jenfrankcoaching.com or 901.308.0613.

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