Praise for Jen

“Having Jen as a coach has been a great pleasure and a real eye opener. Finding myself at a major watershed period of my professional life, I had a pretty clear idea of what I didn’t want to do anymore, but not a very clear view of what I did want. Jen was able to guide me through a range of exercises that helped me explore, dig into and try on a broad range of ideas that helped me narrow my focus to passions and pursuits that feel authentic. She asks just the right questions at the right time helping bring vague ideas to light and into focus. She’s never judgmental and has an optimism and clarity that is infectious. Her holistic approach to her coaching weaves together professional aptitude, emotional drivers and spiritual chords to help you come to your own conclusions that ring with a deeper truth.

I came to Jen with a great deal of residual anxiety and a lack of clarity and about where I was headed. She has helped me to process a complex array of hopes, fears and ambitions. Working with her has been a truly transformative experience.”

– Philip, Creative Executive (New York)


“Jen was born to help others discover their purpose. She has helped me recognize strengths I never knew I had and has brought me more clarity and peace in all facets of my life – home, work, friends, spiritually, etc. Her laid-back approach makes others very comfortable in her presence — and she is always on-point and professional. She will push you only as far as you want to go, but after working with her, you will find yourself pushing yourself more and more. I have been forever changed, and for the best, because of my work with Jen.”

– Liz McKee, Internal Communications Manager at Baker Donelson (Memphis TN)


“I was fortunate to work with Jen to deliver values-based leadership training to over 100 young professionals in the Memphis community this past Fall. She has a true gift for distilling her expertise into nuggets of wisdom that others can truly action. I continue to be impressed by the intentionality and thoughtfulness Jen puts into every opportunity she has to help others grow in their own self-awareness and realize their authentic purpose. She can engage a room of thirty adults just as easily as she can actively listen to another in a paired conversation. Her thirst for feedback on her practice is remarkable and is yet another reason why I plan to continue working with Jen in the future. Thank you, Jen for all that you add to the Memphis community. Our city is lucky you choose to invest your many gifts here.”

– Robbye Good, Director of Talent Retention Initiatives with the New Memphis Institute


“Working with Jen was an invaluable experience which lead me on a path to something of a dream job. During her guidance I discovered and learned to own my strength through self reflection. Our conversations and exercises became a highlight of my week during a time of career transformation for me. While I do believe my experience with coaching changed me for the better, the most powerful part of working with Jen was her ability to help me be more positively self-conscious and self-aware of my values, strengths, passions and skills.”

– Brendan Larkin, Marketing Professional at Relevant Roasters (Memphis TN)


“I was in a critical time of transition in my life: the end of a 30-year relationship, my last child leaving the nest, plus a career change. I realized that with so much change at once, my personal life and my professional life could easily be headed for a cataclysmic disaster. Jen was able to help me find clarity and focus during the transition, and now she is helping me to prosper and flourish in the foundation she help me lay.”

Sandi Butler Hughes, Writer and Staffing Specialist (Memphis TN)


“Jen is the type of coach who inspires you to be yourself and pushes you to discover all of your best assets. She takes the time to get to know who you are and learn about your passions in life. Her continued motivation and vote of confidence in my ability to succeed helped set me on a fulfilling career path. I am thankful for her expertise and insight…  She is more than just a coach to her clients. She believes in them and challenges them to be the best they can be.”

– Charli Sanders, Coordinator of Brand PR at Hilton Worldwide (Memphis TN)


“I am excited to tell you that there were many great compliments from the students.  [Here are] some of the comments… ‘Ms. Frank lit a fire under us all…,’ ‘Really valuable information with good guidance for career path,’ ‘I really liked how she told her story and also the exercise was interesting,’ ‘Very informative and very passionate about what she does and how she presents it…’

In all honesty, I could go on and on.  So many great comments from the students and also from [the professor].

You are definitely on our list of top speakers.

Thank you so much Jen!”

– Renee Swisher DeGutis, Professional Development Specialist
  University of Memphis, Fogelman College of Business and Economics


“Jen is a coach like no other and she helped me to bring about true revelations. I had a great professional life but, I was not very content with my personal life. Jen was able to direct me through various strategies geared toward self discovery. We identified my core passions and beliefs. She asked the precise questions needed in order to bring the important things into the spotlight. She’s never hypercritical and has a very caring spirit. Her coaching tactics allowed me to come to my own realizations.”

– Lawanda, Educator (Memphis, TN)


“Thank you for the life changing session today. Our work together was not by chance and it is a great blessing. As I honor the divine in me, I honor the divine in you, for it was the divine in you that was able to see it and point it out for me. Life sure is different from what I thought it was. It is sooo…..much sweeter.

By the way, [the organization I am interviewing with] is flying me to Boston and putting me in a hotel. Sweet again. I like this new nurturing life that appears to be opening.”

– Sandy, Arts Education Expert (New Jersey)


“When I first started working with Jen I was going through some major changes in my life and she was exactly who I needed to help navigate through tough decisions and come out better on the other side. She has helped me gain perspective and has given me tools to be thoughtful and reflective in my life and to look at things in a different way. She is kind and empathetic and never judgmental. She is gentle and subtle but also knew exactly when I needed to be pushed harder. I can’t thank her enough for her guidance over the past several months!

…Jen, I think you’re an amazing coach and your ability to help me see the big picture when I’m so prone to being myopic has been priceless!”

– Female Client (Memphis TN)


“Coaching was a tremendous experience for me.  Jen helped me to find my own way by getting me to ask and answer my own questions about who I am, who I want to be, and what I want to do with my life.  Essentially, coaching helped me to find my targets in life regarding personal, career, and other important goals and gave me the direction to improve my aim.  I would highly recommend coaching and, more specifically, Jen, to anybody who is looking to get more direction in their life and a positive guide to help go where they want to go.”

– Ryan, Lawyer (Memphis TN)


“I thought I knew what was important to me in my life but when I started to work with Jen, I embarked on a journey that took me to unexpected places. Jen comes from a place of appreciative inquiry and through her expert guidance I was able to identify a road-map to goals that are truly meaningful. Through visioning and thoughtful observations, Jen has helped me reach a whole new level of self awareness and confidence. Throughout the process, her keen ability to see different perspectives and her unwavering support have been transformational.”

– Female Client (New Jersey)