Making Changes

In order to grow and move forward in our lives, we have to change.  Unfortunately, the primitive part of our brain loves the status quo and hates uncertainty.  For us to make a change, the desire for it has to be greater than the fear we feel.  While this is entirely normal, it often frustrates us and leaves us feeling stuck.  For some information on making changes – and the transitions that come along with those changes – see the links below.


Let’s face it: change is hard.  But avoiding it isn’t a good idea.  We need change to grow and become better versions of ourselves.  To provide you with a model for change, and alert you to some of the obstacles fear may put in your way, here’s some information that can make change easier.  Click here to read more.


I became a coach because I care deeply about helping people to become their best selves and find a sense of true belonging.  In order to do that, the people I coach have to make changes in their lives and move through transitions.  To take some of the mystery out of the process, here’s a little information on the common transitions we all face during our lifetimes and how we begin to navigate them.  Click here to read more about transitions.

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