Other Services

Non-Profit and Fundraising Coaching

Coaching can be used with great benefit in a nonprofit setting.  For example, a nonprofit’s plans can be enhanced when everyone is on the same page; imagine a vision or strategic plan that honors both the organization’s and the staff’s values.  Or, perhaps your staff and volunteers understand the principles of fundraising, but are afraid to take the next step; work through those fears with coaching to increase your team’s effectiveness.  Contact me today to see how the power of coaching – and my 12 years as a successful fundraiser – can benefit your organization.


Coaching with Art

What might be just a fun craft project can instead become a powerful tool when created with intention and backed with actions.  Vision boards/boxes and gratitude jars help keep the life you want front and center everyday, reminding you of your desires and inspiring you along the way.  These projects can be done one-on-one, in small workshops, or even long-distance.

If you need a speaker or workshop leader for a special topic, please contact Jen to discuss a customized presentation.

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