How Will You Inspire Someone Today? – and a career coaching group starts Jan 23

Posted by on January 9, 2023

How Will You Inspire Someone Today? – and a career coaching group starts Jan 23

A friend told me recently that he didn’t feel “inspiring.”

I’ve heard from some of my clients this past week that they don’t feel inspired, motivated or driven right now. So if you are limping into the new year, you are in good company!

But not feeling “inspiring” is a little different. When I thought about it, I realized that I often hear from clients and friends that they don’t feel like they are accomplishing much of note. And I am almost always surprised, as I think they are doing amazingly well – even when their circumstances are difficult.

We tend to downplay our accomplishments and hold ourselves to ridiculously high standards. You weren’t feeling great, but you still got up, got dressed and showed up for work today? You are a champion! Keep it up!

And take a look at the list below, and know that if you do any of these things, you are inspiring someone – including me!

You are inspiring if you:

– show up with a smile
– offer to help
– listen when others speak
– compliment someone’s skill or strengths
– are patient and kind
– give someone an opportunity to do better
– keep your commitments
– renegotiate commitments you can’t keep
– ask for help
– exercise
– eat healthy
– take care of your mental and emotional health
– meditate or pray
– spend time in nature
– relax
– go on retreat
– spend time with friends and family
– play sports
– play music
– go to an event or concert
– read or learn something new
– teach someone else something new
– have small adventures
– have big adventures
– travel to exotic locations
– take a staycation
– post on social media
– take a break from social media
– get the high score on a video game
– take a break from video games
– have a good attitude
– try

What else needs to be on this list? What will you do next to inspire yourself and others?

Thanks for the inspiration!

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