What would you do in 2016 if…

Posted by on January 7, 2016

What would you do in 2016 if…

Happy new year!

I’ve talked to several people who’ve set goals for 2016 and several who haven’t. There are a lot of benefits to setting goals. They give you something positive to focus on as well as permission to say “no” to other things. They also tell you when to act and when you are making progress – and when to celebrate!
love yourself
If you don’t like a structured process to goal setting, I would still encourage you to create a little space for your thoughts about what you want in 2016. Because everything gets created twice; first it’s a thought and then it’s a thing. So set aside 30 minutes by yourself to have a cup of coffee and ask yourself one simple, but powerful question: “what would I do in 2016 if I really, completely loved myself?”

Ponder away!

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