Acclimating to the latest changes

Posted by on June 21, 2021

Acclimating to the latest changes

In the early days of the pandemic lockdown, a lot of folks felt scared and just wanted life to go back to normal. Now as we return to offices and public spaces where people gather, a lot of folks are afraid of going back to normal. How can we reacclimate while managing our anxiety about this new round of changes?

I recently heard from a former client who wrote, “We just got the announcement that we will return to the office 2 days per week in mid-July. Have you heard any personal strategies that people have used to get acclimated to the transition?”

This client, let’s call her Mary, is an introvert and has actually enjoyed the “solitude and focus” that working remotely has provided. Mary’s plan is to go into the office one day a week for a month leading back to returning to two days per week. That sounds like a good plan – for Mary.

Every person is different. Some folks may be eager to be back in the office – especially the extroverts or those with a house full of kids! And while some have found it easier to work remotely, others may have struggled to work effectively from home.

I’ve also heard from clients that they are back in the office a couple days a week, but most of the meetings are still on Zoom so everyone can attend. It’s a bit weird to go into the office to attend Zoom meetings, however, seeing colleagues in person and having hallway conversations that move the work forward are pluses.

If you are returning to the office and feeling some anxiety, think about how you can take care of yourself during this latest transition. This article may have some tips you can use as you get back into – and even enjoy – your new work routine:

Understand that these latest changes may feel uncomfortable and be sure to take care of yourself. Think about what you need and how you’ll give that to yourself. And if you need to ask your boss or colleagues for help, do that.

Be gentle with yourself as you look for the bright spots in the return to normal.

Take care!

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