What kind of tired are you? (and a new online career group starts in early April)

Posted by on March 22, 2021

What kind of tired are you? (and a new online career group starts in early April)

I know that as a mature adult, it’s my job to meet my own needs: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Sometimes it feels like a bigger job than others, especially while dealing with the pandemic, working too many days without a day off, and spending hours a day rehabbing my elbow.

More often than usual, I’m finding myself feeling what I call “soul tired.” This is when I am beyond physical fatigue; I feel ground down to a nub and just want to crawl under the covers for a week. It’s not just sleepiness, but rather a need for days off and nature and no obligations. A need for time to cook, play, read, be creative, go for spring walks, catch up with friends, and even tackle a home project. (That’s my best version of self-care; yours will look different.)

I recently read the article The 7 types of rest that every person needs by Saundra Dalton-Smith MD. It does a great job detailing the different kinds of rest. From their descriptions, I am in need of creative, emotional and spiritual rest. When I get to that soul tired place, I tend to dig in and double down – powering through my work and gutting it out. No time (or energy) for a walk, a phone call with a friend, or a bit of crafting (i.e., my new interest: Japanese boro stitching).

Yes, I get things done, but I actually end up more tired and more in need of rest. It’s counterintuitive for a lot of us to stop when we have so much to do. However, if we can take more breaks for the kind of rest we need along the way, we can avoid getting to that burnt-out, soul tired place. And, more importantly, we can better enjoy and engage in the present.

So what will I do differently today? Some cooking, I’ll phone a friend, go for a little walk and get some sunshine. And I’ll block a couple days off in my calendar.

What kind of rest do you need? What will you do differently to ensure you get it?

Happy resting!

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