Posted by on February 23, 2021


This week’s topic in my online career coaching group was Visioning. Folks had wonderful visions of their ideal work which they reported made them feel satisfied, purposeful, content, fulfilled, excited, energized, inspired, pleasantly tired at the end of the day, and… Comfortable.

Comfortable? Hmm.

Here is what I know about comfortable:

  1. The best stuff typically happens outside of your comfort zone.
  2. Experts say there is a proportional relationship between how much discomfort you can handle and how successful you will be.

If you have a goal of comfortable with regards to your work, think about what that word means to you. If it means complacent, protected from being afraid or failing, or never having to learn or try something new, you may need to consider taking more risks.

In contrast, if comfortable means you feel authentic, unafraid of others’ judgment, and/or aligned with work that is purposeful to you, then please continue. You are on track!

What’s your version of comfortable? Do you need to adjust it? What small, pandemic-sized steps could you take to move your right work forward and get you more of those good feelings above?

Comfortable is for pajamas, not for purposeful careers. So get comfortable being uncomfortable!

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