Networking during a pandemic (and an online career group starting Sept 15)

Posted by on September 9, 2020

Networking during a pandemic (and an online career group starting Sept 15)

Right now may be a difficult time to search for a job, but it is a great time to build your network! And networking is career development that can absolutely be done during the pandemic.

Remember, you have to build your network before you need it, and networking is the difference maker when it comes to getting your resume read and landing an interview.

Currently, you can safely use both information interviews and online networking events to build your network.

Information interviews are my favorite networking tool, and more information about them can be found here:

As for online networking, I checked it out for myself – since I try to do the things that I ask my clients to do! Here’s what I experienced.

I attended events that were specific to my field (coaching) and an event in Memphis for which I received an invitation.

Here’s what happened:
– At each event, we briefly introduced ourselves.
– The events were heavily facilitated. (So there was none of the usual standing around awkwardly looking for someone to speak with.)
– We were sent into Zoom breakout rooms with a question to discuss. Sometimes there was a facilitator and sometimes we were left to lead ourselves.

Of course, events will vary. However, I would suggest:
– Have a great personal introduction that is more than just your profession; tell people what you care about.
– Be ready to participate. You can’t hide out or be distracted and expect to have a good experience.
– Keep a lookout for who you enjoy talking to or hearing from; get LinkedIn to them and/or send them a message.

If you need help networking or getting some clarity around your career direction so you come out the pandemic positioned for success, I have an online career coaching group starting September 15 – and there is one spot left. Contact me for more information, and see:

Happy networking!

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