Self-Care and Priorities During COVID 19

Posted by on April 30, 2020

Self-Care and Priorities During COVID 19

I’ve been following the leadership experts on what to do in these uncertain times. I love that their wisdom has coalesced around three things: taking care of ourselves, taking care of others, and focusing on our priorities.

To take care of myself I’m doing online yoga with my regular teacher; staying in touch with friends and family via phone, Zoom and Marco Polo; and reading and listening to audio-books. In addition, I only look at the news once a day in the afternoon, since I know that too much news makes me nervous!

To take care of others, I continue to see clients full-time on the phone and Zoom. Having that normalcy takes care of me, too. I also check on friends, which takes care of them and me, and I ask a few folks if I can get them things when I go to the store. (The beauty of being of service is that the giver gets something, too – good feelings!)

As for focusing on priorities, the experts tell us to not look too far into the future, as all that uncertainty will amp up our anxiety. Instead, focus on important stuff that needs to get done; note what is in your control to do; and do that. The focus and action help to bring your anxiety down. “Important stuff” includes self-care and checking in on loved ones as well as planning work tasks for the week and making progress on an important project.

And while you are doing all that, please show yourself and others some grace. Everyone’s experience is different: people have different stressors, are experiencing different levels of change, and reacting with different levels of anxiety. We all need a little extra understanding right now.

I also have to show myself grace. Remember I said I was reading a lot right now and listening to audiobooks? Well, that’s all fictional books, unfortunately. I’ve had to let go of the desire to improve and develop myself during this safer-at-home period.

As we transition into the next phase of COVID 19, we will have to deal with yet more change. If you keep these tips in mind, they will work for whatever is next. So keep asking: how can you take care of yourself; how can you help take care of others; and what are your most important priorities (that you can take action on)? Do that, and you’ll come out of this crisis healthy, with strong relationships, and with your important priorities in great shape!

Take care!!

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