Word of the Year

Posted by on January 21, 2020

Word of the Year

I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions (in fact this is exactly when many folks’ resolutions start to fail), but I do like to choose a word of the year. When you have your word, it helps you to make choices and let go of stuff that isn’t going to get you more of what you want – or how you want to feel.

To figure out your word for the year, just sit quietly, close your eyes, and let your mind drift. Let positive words float through your mind. One of them should feel extra good to you. That’s your word. Simple, right?

When I did this during the last week of 2019, some of the words that came up for me were courage, trust, adventure, self-care, gratitude, openness, generosity… But when “acceptance” drifted by, I knew from the tingle it was my word for 2020!

So when I don’t like my circumstances, I will remind myself to practice acceptance and notice that I’m still ok. And when good things come my way like interesting projects, compliments and sweet surprises, I will accept those, too, reminding myself that I am deserving of goodness.

And when I have choices to make this year, I will make the ones that move me towards acceptance. Because that’s where the peace and relaxation is – and all the other good feels. Bonus: acceptance is a judgment free zone!

Once you have your word, sit with it. What feelings come up for you? How will you get more of that for yourself in your everyday life?

Best wishes for 2020 and finding your word of the year!

p.s. I originally posted this blog on New Year’s Eve (the emails failed to send though – a few technical difficulties!). Some folks posted their words on Facebook: adapt, perseverance, present, gratitude, and mindfulness. If you want to share your word, please do here: https://www.facebook.com/jenfrankcoaching