Bubble Wrap (aka Playing Small)

Posted by on April 10, 2019

Bubble Wrap (aka Playing Small)

I have a lot of clients who are stuck when they begin the coaching process because they want a perfect long-term plan for the future, complete clarity, stability, to be settled, a guarantee they’ll make the right decision, and/or to be fully confident and fearless.

When you see that in writing, it probably looks pretty obvious why they are stuck; those things don’t exist in real life. Real life is messy. We make mistakes and fail and feel scared sometimes.

But imagine if I told you I had a way to keep you safe and pain-free: bubble wrap. We will wrap you in bubble wrap and if you fall down or bump into something, you won’t get hurt. Sound good?

The bubble wrap is also going to prevent you from going places where a bubble wrap suit isn’t normal attire. It will constrict your movement and make you and your world feel limited. Still want the bubble wrap? Yeah, me neither.

We’ve all felt pain. Of course we don’t like it. But it gave us experience that shows we are strong and can move through those difficult times. We can’t allow ourselves to become so pain avoidant that we play it safe. Because playing it safe is playing small.

So if we take that bubble wrap off, are we likely to get hurt? Yes. Will that suck? Yes. Will we still be ok? Yes.

The alternative is to live less of a life. Be less yourself. Not bring your gifts fully to the world. And that’s not ok. Because the world needs all of you. We need all of you.

In what situations do you show up with bubble wrap on? Where are you stalling while you wait for the conditions to get perfect? What’s that thing you’ve been avoiding?

Go do that!

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