Career Success Tip 4: trust

Posted by on October 16, 2018

Career Success Tip 4: trust

The last three posts were all tips for career success. To review, they were:
1) Know and develop yourself
2) Get outside your comfort zone
3) Network

If you do those three things consistently, then you’ll be able to do #4 more easily: trust.

Trust that your network will help you someday. Trust that the timing of things is as it should be. Trust that you don’t get the jobs you are not supposed to have. Yes, you might be disappointed for a minute, but that’s probably just your ego talking. (And, if you’re like me and don’t get that ego job with the Girl Scouts headquarters in New York City, it’s because you are supposed to become a coach, move to Memphis, and do work that matches your values and strengths!)

No matter where you are, trust that you are being prepared for what’s next. My MBA didn’t help me to start a successful business – but my fundraising career did. Fundraising skills were just what I needed to be a success on the business side of being a coach: I knew how to call on people and have a conversation to see if there’s a fit, be politely persistent, and not take a “no” personally.

We could call #4 relax instead of trust! You are not in charge of deciding whether you will get a job or what the timing will be. You can only control your actions. But if you know and develop yourself (1), get outside your comfort zone (2), and network (3) – then you’ve done what you can do and you can relax and trust (4) the right opportunity is on its way.

Where do you need to put in some effort so you can be in that trusting place? Is it time to develop your self-awareness or some new skills? Do you need practice failing or do some networking? 

And if you’ve done all that? Relax!

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