Career Coaching Group in Memphis to start late January 2018

Happy new year! If you want more direction and clarity around your career in 2018, consider whether coaching could help you. If you are in the Memphis area, I will be running a three month career coaching group beginning late January. All the details (and what past participants have said about the groups) can be found here:

You’ll learn more about yourself, your unique strengths and gifts, and tell an effective story with your resume. You’ll also learn all of the networking skills and decision-making tools you need to move your career forward. (Don’t have a passion? Don’t sweat it; we’ll help you identify the things that interest and excite you!)

Please contact me today at or 901.308.0613 with questions, to schedule a conversation or to register. Let’s make 2018 the year you move closer to the work you love!

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