Things always get different

Posted by on July 27, 2017

Things always get different

In the past month, two of my closest Memphis buddies have moved away. These are folks in my ‘hood who I saw often – my comfortable, familiar friends who always recharged my spirit. The first left a month ago, and the second left last week.

I have been surprised over the last couple months that I have not been more worried about these changes. I would normally pre-worry about the situation to prepare for the inevitable feelings of loss!

While I feel a bit sad, I find myself in a more trusting place – due to age, experience or grace, I cannot say. (Probably a bit of all three.) What I do know is that I will remain close to these friends despite the geographical distance. And I know that if there is new space in my life, something will come to fill it.

While my friends’ adventures are taking them 1,000+ miles away to different coasts, my current adventure is more quiet and internal. Will I be lonely? Will I fill my time by working too much? Or will I make choices that take care of me? (Probably a bit of all three!)

temporaryA wise friend once told me that “things always get different.” I was blessed to have such good friends close by that I shared great times with. And I am blessed to have many other friends locally and around the country. And I know that something new is on its way in its own time. So instead of worrying, I’m going to anticipate goodness and take special care of myself.

What’s the thing in your life that’s likely to “get different?” How can you take care of yourself during the process?

Be well!

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