An entrepreneur’s success story – plus some tips for being a podcast guest

Posted by on September 27, 2021

An entrepreneur’s success story – plus some tips for being a podcast guest

A talented freelance graphic designer, Alec, participated in my autumn 2018 career coaching group. During one meeting, as Alec brought up podcasts yet again, I asked the group, “Who here thinks Alec needs to start his own podcast now?” All hands went up.

Sometimes it’s easy for others to see what we can’t see in ourselves. Indeed, Alec had the ideas, enthusiasm and technical know-how to start his podcast. Before the pandemic, his new podcast, named “Ideally” after his temperament, was a top 50 self-improvement podcast on Apple.

Then he put it on hold as he chased a bigger dream. He started Parasaur and facilitates the success of other folks’ podcasts by being a creative partner as well as doing all the technical stuff like recording and editing (see his services at Today he has a thriving business.

Alec missed doing his own podcast though, and is starting it up once again. I was lucky enough to be invited on as a guest for the reboot of Ideally, which is largely aimed at creative entrepreneurs. We talked about a wide range of topics, from values to advice to books to having a successful business. And [bonus!] I got to meet the baby squirrel he was rehabbing! If you’d like to listen, here you go:

Have you been invited to be on a podcast, but felt a little reluctant or nervous? Here are my tips for being a guest:

  1. Don’t worry. You were probably asked to be a guest because you know something about the topic. You can ask for the questions in advance, but I wouldn’t prepare much. Your authentic, unrehearsed answers will be great! And if you make a major mistake, the podcast creator can probably edit it out.
  2. Yes, you’re interesting. Only you can tell your story. Your point of view is unique, so please share your knowledge, experience and wisdom. It will resonate with folks. Show up – and be kind to others and yourself…
  3. Look for what’s right. If you talk for an hour, chances are you will say something weird. That’s ok. Look for what you said well. I confess, I haven’t listened to the podcast yet. I need to be in the right mood so I can be my own fan – and not pick apart what I failed to say eloquently. (And honestly, does anyone like the sound of their own voice?!)

Is there something helpful or inspiring you’ve been wanting to share? Maybe it’s a podcast, but a social media post will do. We want to hear from you!

Happy sharing!

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