The Power of Choice

Posted by on April 21, 2015

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”    – Henry Ford

What do you think you can or cannot accomplish?  What do you believe is within your grasp – or just beyond it?  What is it that you want to be, do or have, but you think “that’s for other people, not for someone like me?”

All of us have limiting beliefs.  These are beliefs we chose once, often a long time ago, and now they are unconscious.  We’ve believed these ideas for so long, they seem like “the truth.”  And they will be – we will live down to these beliefs and find ways to make them true over and over – unless we bring them to our awareness, understand them and challenge them.

Here’s Arthur’s inspiring story about what happens when you challenge what you believe about yourself.

The limiting beliefs we have may look like they are keeping us safe, but really they are keeping us small.  Think about where your life (i.e., the reality you have created with your choices) isn’t quite what you want.  There’s probably a limiting belief there.  What is it?  Try to think of a time when that belief wasn’t true.  Consider what you get from having that belief, what it costs you, and who you could be without it.  Then choose a new belief to try out for a couple weeks.

Remember, a belief is a choice, and you can choose a new one anytime.  It can be aspirational, but keep it in the realm of something you think could be possible – even if you aren’t quite sure yet.  Over the next few weeks, keep this new belief in your awareness and take small actions that support it.  Over time, this new, empowering choice will replace the old limiting belief, and your life will start to look more like the one you’ve always wanted.

Choose wisely!